Mill 180 Park is truly a park for the 21st Century, designed to emulate all of the great urban parks – Central Park in New York City, Hyde Park in London and Ueno Park in Tokyo - reimagined for an indoor space. Through the use of hydroponics, computerized sound, and HVAC systems, we’ve brought the outside in, surrounding our visitors with green space and a remarkable sense of the natural world.

We spent a lot of time trying to identify why these parks are so beloved, what makes them work so well for their patrons, and how they provide a place of respite for so many.

A Wake Up Call for the Senses

These parks are beautiful. They provide much needed relief from the daily stress of city living. They are, at once, incredibly social and incredibly solitary, depending on what you’re looking for in any particular moment.
But alongside the good, every one of these parks suffer from the same shortcoming – they are inhospitable when the weather is bad. What this means is that our parks are only really available to us some of the time.


Enjoying Mill 180 Park is not weather dependent. We utilized modern building techniques and technology to create a park that can be enjoyed in every season, during every type of weather.
We welcome a spring thunderstorm, a moonless night, torrential downpours, and the hottest summer day.

We’re un-phased by these whims of nature, and in fact, they were the impetus behind Mill 180 Park.


While envisioning the possibilities for Mill 180 Park, we focused our design process on five characteristics that were universal in all of our favorite urban parks: BEAUTY, GREENERY, MINGLING, TRANQUILITY, and PROGRAMMING. To allow for greater accessibility for our visitors, we reimagined these hallmarks to create Mill 180 Park.

  • BEAUTY: Including natural and man-made features, delighting the senses of visitors.
  • GREENERY: Bringing nature to the city, with a variety of plants and green spaces.
  • MINGLING: Providing a place for people who wouldn’t normally come into contact to meet and share experiences.
  • TRANQUILITY: Offering a refuge from the noise, grime, and tumult of city life.
  • PROGRAMMING: Serving as a venue for artistic, cultural, and recreational events that bring the community together.

Mill 180 Park is, metaphorically, a great urban park. When you visit, you’ll be aware on an intellectual level that you are not in an expansive outdoor space, but your senses will tell you otherwise.
Our goal is to provide the same benefits to the community that great urban parks have provided throughout history – a sanctuary from the tumult and noise of the city, a place for the interaction of all types of people, and a venue for community-based programming, such as art shows and festivals.
We invite you to visit the park for companionship, recreation, entertainment, intellectual stimulation, artistic enrichment, or simply to relax and enjoy. Bring a book, meet a friend, or commune with nature.

It’s All Here for You.

Are you interested in HOW we have integrated these qualities?

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