The features included in Mill 180 Park will have you second guessing your whereabouts. Intellectually, you’ll know that the space is enclosed. Emotionally and physically, it will be hard to tell.

We have created an urban park that provides the best qualities of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and we’ve done it in an aesthetically beautiful way. Your eyes will see saturated color, greenery, and open space galore. Your ears will be filled with a soundtrack, collected from the local environment, as well as musical sounds from local musicians. You’ll experience all of this while engaging with people, or sitting quietly by yourself.
It has all been provided for you, laid out so that you can make choices and experience the park in a way that feels good to you.


We chose the features of Mill 180 Park based on the 5 characteristics we found universal in our favorite urban parks.


Mill 180 Park sits in the beautifully restored, 117-year-old Mill 180, just one of Easthampton’s stock of wonderful old mill buildings.


Mill 180 Park's hydroponically-grown plants are meant to provide greenery and really fresh food for our visitors.


Mill 180 Park fosters human interaction, among friends and as a place to make new connections.


The layout of the park, the green spaces, and the beauty throughout, provide a sense of peace and plenty of space for contemplation.


We have created an ideal setting for concerts, festivals, and a variety of gatherings.

The park includes private and communal seating areas, scattered throughout the park; a mushroom house, providing a unique enclosed space for meetings and other gatherings; an amphitheater reminiscent of Mt. Tom, meant to be used for lounging and conversation; and the Hamptonaeum, an updated version of the institutions for the promotion of learning that existed in many towns and cities before mass culture replaced them.

The Hamptonaeum at Mill 180 Park will sponsor talks, debates, spoken-word karaoke nights and other events intended to encourage connection.

One of the most exciting features of Mill 180 Park is our soundscape, commissioned by sound artist Stephan Moore, to create a museum-quality installation. The sounds you’ll hear throughout the park are created through a process known as weatherbending – a self-generating composition that is constantly changing and never repeating. The sound is environmentally responsive, and influenced by numerous environmental variables; including the local weather, the indoor climate, the time of day and time of year, and the cycles of seeding, growing, maturing and harvesting in the surrounding hydroponic gardens.

Subtle sonic events will mark the passage of time, occurring at various subdivisions of the hour.

The features of Mill 180 Park have been carefully selected, based on these five qualities of great urban parks. We hope you’ll visit, see, and feel the incredible spaces for yourself.

We’ve brought the outside, in. And we hope you’ll join us.

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