Mill 180 Event Policy

Mill 180 Park is a public park. We serve food and drinks to make the experience of visiting the park more enjoyable and to demonstrate the culinary potential of the plants that we are growing. Everybody is welcome to drop by individually or in groups, find a comfortable place to gather, and, if you feel like it, order from our constantly-evolving menu. With the exception of cakes to be served at pre-approved events, we do not allow visitors to bring food or drinks into the park.

We also understand that Mill 180 Park can be a great location for parties, celebrations, meetings, and other private events. Due to the extra work that employees might face in terms of setting and cleaning up, we charge a “Saved Space” fee. This fee varies depending on the area of the park to be reserved, the number of anticipated guests, and the date and time of the event. Event organizers may reserve the Mushroom House, the rear of the restaurant’s seating area, or the picnic tables near the Production Room. The Saved Space fee is higher when the park usually has a lot of visitors (such as weekend mornings and afternoons), and lower when things are normally quiet (such as weekday evenings). Although we cannot accommodate every request, we will do our best.

We also offer a catering menu (coming soon) as an alternative to ordering off the park’s regular menu. That menu contains several food and drink items tailored for events and served in multiple-portion sizes.

If you are interested in reserving a space in the park, please send us an email at