Mill 180 Event Policy

Mill 180 Park is a public park.  Being a public park, we do not charge admission and welcome visitors to meet and to interact with each other.  Nevertheless, because we received so many requests from people who wanted to hold parties, weddings, meetings, and other types of private events in Mill 180 Park, we decided to do our best to meet that need by trying to accommodate private events that are consistent with our mission.  Most of the time, the Park remains open while the event is taking place.  Sometimes, though, the Park needs to be closed for the event to occur.  We allow this because the Park is still serving as a community gathering place.  So that the number of private events does not grow so large that the Park loses its public nature, we consider what else is going on at the requested time, and we charge a “Private Space Fee,” with the funds collected used to support the Park’s public programming.
The amount of the Private Space Fee will vary depending on the location and size of the area being reserved, the date and time of the event, and whether or not the Park can remain open during the event.  Event organizers may request to reserve the Mushroom House, the rear of the restaurant’s seating area, picnic tables at the back or front of the Park, the amphitheater, or, if necessary, the entire Park.  The Private Space Fee is higher when the park usually has a lot of visitors and lower when the Park usually is less busy.
We also offer a catering menu in addition to our regular menu.  The catering menu contains several food and drink items tailored for events and served in multiple-portion sizes.  We also can customize the menu for your needs and budget.
If you are interested in reserving a space in the park, please complete the reservation form on the Reservations and Catering page on the website or send us an email at

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