Momentum.  It plays a big role in sports.  As we have all seen this week, when it comes to politics, it might be the single most important factor in determining which candidate ultimately triumphs.  Then there is indoor hydroponic plant racing.  Based on empirical data carefully collected over the past three weeks, we feel comfortable in saying that momentum has been playing absolutely no role in the Easthampton Derby.

Week 3 saw a lead change.  Murray stumbled.  Perhaps he is husbanding his strength for a mad sprint to the finish.  Or, maybe he has simply decided that he is no match for the lady lettuces.  We will see soon enough.  Wally, on the other hand, is showing remarkable consistency.  This could be the result of a brilliant strategy: let the other plants tire themselves out and then pass them in a late pre-harvest growth spurt.  Or, he could have bad genes.

To recap:

Week 3 Results

1. Heady Lamarr

2. Heada Gabler

3. Murray Head

4. Wally

Everybody who selected Heady can claim a free cookie at the Park’s cafe until Week 4’s results are announced.

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