Forget the Democratic Caucus in Nevada. The real action last week was in Massachusetts; Easthampton to be precise.  Unlike some of the potted plants who are campaigning, our contestants are dynamic and full of vim and vigor. And, in another contrast, Heada, Heady, Murray, and Wally all will be getting better with age — at least until they are eaten in a few weeks.

The second week of the inaugural Easthampton Derby saw the racers settling in for what promises to be an epic struggle. Despite their using quite varied equipment (hydroponic technologies), all four are thriving.

Anyway, by week’s end, Murray had built his lead by several more millimeters. Heady was now a close second, followed by Heada. Wally was still wallowing in last place.

To recap:

Week 2 Results

  1. Murray Head
  2. Heady Lamarr
  3. Heada Gabler
  4. Wally

Everybody who selected Murray can claim a free cookie at the Park’s cafe until Week 3’s results are announced.

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