Hello, and welcome to the first ever indoor hydroponic lettuce plant race not only in the City of Easthampton and the Greater Pioneer Valley, but also probably in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States of America, the Western Hemisphere, the Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy, and, we are humbled to say, the Universe — at least since the Big Bang.

The action was fast and furious and history was made here during the initial week of the inaugural Easthampton Derby.   With Wally, Murray Head, and Heady Lamarr moving into a virtual tie for first place, it seemed as though Heada Gabler was lagging badly.  Upon further review, it was determined that Heada had gone to the Great Compost Pile in the Sky. That was probably caused by our Head Farmer’s overly zealous approach to placing clay pebbles around — and, unfortunately, on top of — her.  Eager to make amends, our Head Farmer revealed that he had germinated substitutes for all of the Derby contestants in case of injury or worse. Heada II moved into her new home and immediately joined the race. (As a tribute to her fallen sister, we will call her Heada.)

Nutrient solution and carbon dioxide were absorbed, glucose was produced, oxygen was released, and our four gallant racers’ cell counts expanded by leaps and bounds.  By week’s end, Murray had raced to a commanding lead of several millimeters. Heada was basking in the grow lights and close behind, followed by Heady. Wally was wallowing in last place, as he was forced to drink from a separate nutrient fountain

To recap:

Week 1 Results

  1. Murray Head
  2. Heada Gabler
  3. Heady Lamarr
  4. Wally

Congratulations to team Murray! You have the romaine-der of the week, until the next update, to claim your free cookie at the Park’s cafe.

Stay tuned to follow the amazing lettuce race and see who’s a head!  And make sure to stop by Mill 180 Park to cheer on your contestants.




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